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Featured Product | LipSense Fly Girl

June is here!!! If summer hasn't official started for you then you have some catching up to do chica! What better way to kick off the summer (officially/unofficially) than with a BOLD, rich cherry red lip color! This months Featured Product is Fly Girl from SeneGence LipSense. Below is a description of the color and finish.

Reds are such a fun sexy color but I get its not for everyone. Sometimes its not about red not looking "good" on you but more so are you "accessorizing" it correctly. In my personal and professional opinion, reds need to be paired with softer eye make up looks. A soft eye and face make up compliment a red lip. Red already draws enough attention on its own, no need to add anymore. Unless of course you're doing a fun look! Like my Memorial Day Red, White & Blue look (check out: My Work). My favorite red lip look is a classic pin up look. Light neutral tone in crease and a winged liner!

Also consider the tone, maybe not so much a cherry red but a berry red (see what I did there? mad rhymes). Just like there's plenty of fish in the sea, there's plenty of reds to look into before shutting the door on it for good. Try different tones out! Live a little! BE BRAVE! Then if you still don't like it at least you know you gave it a fair shot.

Need help picking a red or any lip color? Contact me for a free Beauty Consultation!

Article provided by:

Natalie Bonilla

Naty's Beauty Bar Owner & Independent SeneGence LipSense Distributor

For more LipSense products browse: www.natysbeautybar.com/shop

For assistance picking out your go-to nude contact me at infonatysbeautybar@gmail.com

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