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Featured Product | LipSense Nude

Here's the first featured product to this series! I hope to share with you in a little more detail some of my favorite products to give you some insight before adding it to your cart.

We'll start May off with Nude from SeneGence LipSense. Below is a description of the color and finish. You can also get an idea of how the color looks on different skin tones.

I know what you're thinking, "that nude looks dark on you Naty". This isn't exactly "nude" on me but still one of my favorite neutral tones from LipSense. I love pairing this one with Sand Gloss or Matte Gloss and goes perfect with a natural eye makeup since it does show darker for my fair skin.

Nude lip colors can be a hit and miss sometimes. Picking the right one is mostly by trial and error. You're out with the girls and your friend has on this gorgeous nude lip color and you MUST have it. You get the name, run to the beauty store, purchase it and try it on. You hate it. It looks nothing like it did on your girlfriend. I get it... happens to often not just with nudes but any color. Here's some things to consider when picking out a nude color:

  • Complexion: (Pointing out the obvious) We all have different skin tones, duh. So remember that when you see you someone an olive skin tone and you are much more fair skin. That nude may be perfect for her skin but more than likely too dark for you, or visa-versa.

  • Undertones/Pigment: Always consider that not only do we have different skin tones we also have different undertones and pigmentation not only in our skin but our lips and hair. So keep in mind that you may have darker pigmented lips which will make the color appear different. Also, you may have a yellow/red undertone which can give a "cool" tone lip color a warmer look.

  • What to consider "nude"?: Typically a nude is worn when you are going for that effortless or "no makeup" look. Its a natural tone closes to your lip color. Depending on how natural you want to look you'll want to consider the underlining tones, such as pinks, beige or brown tones. Also the finish or the lip color. Do you want a glossy, shear, satin, frosted or matte finish? There's many more so pick something that compliments your lips and the look you're going for.

At the end of the day wear something you love and wear it proud!

Article provided by:

Natalie Bonilla

Naty's Beauty Bar Owner & Independent SeneGence LipSense Distributor

For more LipSense products browse: www.natysbeautybar.com/shop

For assistance picking out your go-to nude contact me at infonatysbeautybar@gmail.com

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